There is no question that new investment vehicles and more efficient retirement planning calculations have been created with the aid of computer technology. But can the entire task be handed over to a computer?

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Investing Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Intelligent and responsible investing can be as simple as buying a globally diversified portfolio of low-management-fee funds in an appropriate asset allocation. After the initial purchase, there is very little to do except rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting when needed.

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The Disciplined Investor’s Worst Enemy: Tracking Error

Last year was a tough one for disciplined investors. Disciplined investors know that diversification is a key element of successful portfolio management. But investors who stayed the course and remained diversified were punished for it in 2014, at least in the short term.

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Living with Volatility, Again

There are a number of tidy-sounding theories about why markets have become more volatile. As to what happens next, no one knows for sure. That is the nature of risk. After all, if markets moved in only one direction there would be no return from investing in stocks and bonds.

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Book Review: Drive, The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us

The trouble with the “carrot and stick,” according to Pink and the research he cites, is that these types of incentives not only ignore the intrinsic motivation which will serve our kids better in the long run, they also can diminish performance, crush creativity and become addictive.

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