Portfolio Analysis

Whether carefully crafted for a particular investor or haphazardly accumulated from the flotsam and jetsam of popular opinion and conventional wisdom, today’s investment portfolios can be very complex.  It’s not uncommon for a portfolio to be composed of individual securities, mutual funds, annuities, bonds, and several other types of assets, but even a “diversified” portfolio can contain securities so similar as to nearly eliminate any benefit gained from holding multiple assets.

For investment portfolios greater than $500,000, Green Wealth Management offers a complimentary review, with a confidential report answering the following important questions:

  • Allocation: How is my portfolio broken down by asset class?
  • Location: Are my assets allocated efficiently between taxable and tax-deferred accounts?
  • Risk Profile: How is my portfolio allocated for style (Growth, Neutral, Value) and size (Large, Mid, Small)?
  • Globalization: What percentage of my portfolio is invested internationally?
  • Expenses: Is my portfolio subject to “hidden” fees or unneccesary turnover?
  • Fixed Income: How safe are my “safe” assets?

We may also include suggestions for how your portfolio can be improved, and would be glad to discuss how Green Wealth Management can assist you in creating and implementing a personalized plan.

Please contact us for more information.