Our History

“In all that we do, we focus on working with the right people in the right way; no shortcuts.” – Phil

Green Wealth Management was founded in 2005 by Phillip F. Green, CPA/PFS.

Sadly, Phil passed away in November 2016, leaving behind a vast community of friends, family and colleagues who, while saddened by his untimely departure, remember him fondly for his gentle spirit and exemplary character. We will miss him every day.

Phil’s Legacy

Always a leader by illustrative example, Phil’s values continue to shape our future. Here, we share Phil’s story about our firm’s founding:

“What should I do with my money?”

As an accountant, my earliest focus was on tax and accounting services for my CPA clients. We would visit each other, share a meal, and talk — sometimes about taxes, but most often about the joys of life and plans for the future. That’s when the talk would turn serious and many would ask: “Phil, what should I do with my money?”

 Good financial habits don’t come easy

At first, I did my best to steer those who asked in a better direction, without taking on a formal advisory role. This was not enough. People needed more help, not only with understanding how to invest wisely in theory, but with actually doing it through ever-challenging markets.

 A firm founding

In 2003, I founded a Registered Investment Advisor firm, a predecessor to Green Wealth Management, to help clients understand and apply common-sense investing in their lives. In 2005, these early initiatives became Green Wealth Management, where we combined investment portfolio management with the greater whole of families’ wealth interests, and reconnected people’s financial events with their deepest values, relationships and interests.

Green Wealth Management: A big, heartfelt idea

Today, Green Wealth Management is a vibrant, full-service firm. As standard bearers for Phil’s early vision, we offer clients a highly personalized, boutique experience, augmented by extensive national alliances, so we can address even the most complex financial circumstance with the specialized care it deserves.

Minimizing our clients’ income and estate taxes, protecting their assets and facilitating the successful transfer of those assets to heirs and/or favorite charities when the time is right. Big ideas, yes. But from our very beginning, delivered with care.

Meet our alliances